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Music "Hail, Wilmington!"

"Hail, Wilmington!" was composed in 1923 as a contest entry. Words and sheet music were published in Collecting Delaware Books for October 1995.

Verse 1:
Hail Wilmington our city fair,
Resplendent on the Delaware.
A city in our first state,
Your name is writ among the great.

O Wilmington, dear Wilmington,
To us the fairest neath the sun.
Our fathers' deeds let us recall,
Like them for honor stand or fall.

Verse 2:
Yon rugged hill, upon whose side
Our fathers built their homes with pride,
Is fitting emblem of our stand
For truth and justice in our land.

Verse 3:
From Swedes' old fort to Wilmington,
Your annals glow with deeds well done
Behold you now beyond compare,
Resplendent on the Delaware.

Wilmington, Del. map 1920
1920 Map of Wilmington Delaware.

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