Collecting Delaware Books

Alternate Music Source

The music players on the pages for the seven Delaware songs have been successfully tested with many browsers, including MS Internet Explorer 9 and up (but not IE 8 of Win XP,) Firefox, Firefox for Android, Chrome, Chrome for Android, Opera, Opera for Android, Safari, iOS Safari, the browser supplied with Android 4.1 and up, and Firefox, Epiphany, and Chromium on Linux. They usually do not work on older smartphones including those using Android below 4.0.

If you do not see a player bar similar to the one shown above (it will vary with browser) , your browser probably can not play music in either the MP3 and OGG formats provided. If your browser will not play the music files, try the following direct links to MP3 versions. You may even be able to download the files. They can be played on almost any mobile device including older smartphones.

Use the “back” arrow of your browser to return to this page after playing.