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Arden Town

Arden's "National Anthem"

This poem was written by Frank Stephens in 1909 and was set to music. It has been sung at Arden community campfires for almost a century. The tune is from a German folk song "Abschied vom Dirndl" arranged by Edith Ware.

When crickets sing and kine are homing
 And lanterned stars come seek the sun
The village lights aslant the gloaming
 Come twinkling, twinkling, one by one,
O! Night and sunset glow and starry splendor
 And cloud-wreathed eve, beneath thy silv'ry crown,
Ye give to me no guide so true and tender
 As are the lights of Arden Town.

When wayward winds come back from straying
 The wide world o'er, afar and long,
The woodland breezes cease from playing
 To catch their rede and steal their song.
O! Winds that woo the flowers and roam at pleasure,
 Though far ye fare by dale and grassy down,
Ye learn no song beside of that sweet measure
 Ye taught the leaves by Arden Town.

When days are drear and ways are weary
 And sad at heart we wanderers roam,
Light, tiny town, thy beacons cheery.
 O! Whispering woodlands call us home.
For stars will shine again and days will brighten
 And rough roads smooth that Love shall tread adown
And even-song ring brave and sad hearts lighten
 As hope leads home to Arden Town.

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