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Nancy Sawin

This is an extensive update of the Nancy Sawin checklist originally published in April 1992.

Nancy Chirchman Sawin

Dr. Nancy Churchman Sawin has written, illustrated, and published a number of books about Delaware. She is a fifth-generation Delawarean and active in many ways around the state. Sawin was on the faculty and later head of Sanford School, which was founded by her mother. She is a former member of the All-American Field Hockey Team, and this resulted in her first two pamphlets. She says her history of Sanford School taught her about book production.

The University of Delaware Messenger volume 6, number 1 includes a front-cover photograph and a biography of Sawin, Delaware artist and historian. The article details her academic career, sports accomplishments in field hockey, leadership of the Sanford School, art, and writing. A copy belongs in the files of any lover of Nancy's books. The magazine is a publication of University's public relations department.

(Dr. Sawin died March 18, 2008. See her obituary on this Web site.)

The following books are written and illustrated by Nancy Sawin. Most are printed on paper from Delaware's Curtis Paper Company. Except as stated, all are soft cover.

book cover
sawin-locks (3K)book cover
book cover

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