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John A. Munroe 1914-2006

Dr. John A Munroe
Dr. John A. Munroe

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First published October 1993.

Dr. Munroe was a popular teacher of history at the University of Delaware from 1942 to 1982 and chaired the history department from 1952 to 1969. He has been editor of Delaware History, the publication of the Historical Society of Delaware, since 1969. He is or has been on the boards of directors or trustees of the Eleutherian Mills-Hagley Foundation, the Historical Society of Delaware, and the University of Delaware Library Associates.

Munroe was born in Wilmington in 1914 and lives in Newark today. He studied at the University of Delaware and The University of Pennsylvania. An early interest in Delaware history is exemplified by his 1941 master's thesis, Relations Between the Continental Congress and the Delaware Legislature, 1776-1789. His doctoral dissertation was on Delaware during the Revolutionary period and was the basis for his book Federalist Delaware. A list of his major publications follows.

The following books include introductions, chapters, speeches, or prefaces by Munroe.


john munroe photo
John A. Munroe
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Dr. Munroe's family

In 2005 I got a phone call from Dr. John A. Munroe, passing on a new mailing address. He also told me that at age 91 he was still working. In 2004 he had published two books.

The first was a reprint of his Colonial Delaware A History. Published by the Delaware Heritage Press, it has material not included in the 1978 original. The title was first issued as part of the History of the American Colonies Series which did not permit footnotes. The new volume has complete citations of the quoted material. I believe it is available in soft cover or hardback.

The second is The Philadelawareans, and other essays relating to Delaware published by the University of Delaware Press. It is a collection of articles published in many places from 1945 on about the relation of Delaware to Philadelphia in the late 18th century. Some of the originals are difficult for the researcher to find today. Some of the articles are totally new.

The subjects include: The eve of the Revolution — The New Castle tercentenary — Nonresident representation in the Continental Congress : the Delaware Delegation of 1782 — The ins and outs of politics : early nineteenth-century Delaware — The Delaware physician of 1800 — The Negro in Delaware — Eight newspaper columns — Delaware as an antique — Separation Day — The Old Collector (Allen McLane) — Reflections on Delaware and the American Revolution — Church versus state : the early struggle for control of Delaware College — The first map of Delaware after statehood — Delaware and the Constitution : an overview of events leading to ratification — A Parson in politics : the expulsion of John C. Brush from the Delaware General Assembly in 1801 — Three nineteenth-century immigrants — The trip to Philadelphia.

John A. Munroe died Sept. 6, 2006. See obituary information.

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