Willow Grove PA Aug. 18, 2002

Twenty-one BC listers and SOs met for lunch at the Macaroni Grill in Willow Grove . The meeting place was chosen to be an easy trip for Barb Watson, but after plans (courtesy of Maria Rose Brent) were made, Barb wound up in the hospital. By the day of the luncheon, Barb was feeling better, so a number of us were able to go by the hospital a mile or so down the road to see her.

I have added some pics of the same gathering taken by Hilde Hovarth.

It was a good gathering because, in addition to many old friends, half a dozen who were new to the list or recently out of lurkdom came. I didn't get all the last names, and in some cases am not sure of spellings. Please e-mail me with corrections and/or additions, and I'll fix them.

Bob and Bobbie Riviere

Amy Spiegel, Hope Schwab, Marjorie

Lenora Kandiner and Tim

Carl and Debra

Sue C. and Elaine Block, who drove up from Alexandria, Va.

Maria (morning glory) Brent

Sarah Webster and Rick, who came up from Norfolk, Va.

Amy and Hope

Hilde Hovarth and Sue C.

Linda (eudine), who said she has been lurking for many years

John and Jane Reid

Anita Donovan and George (Maria's SO)

Barb Watson chats with a roomful of visitors

Barb, a quilter, looks at the "community quilt" project that Lenora directed at a summer music camp.

After lunch, we all mill around, talking to people who weren't sitting near us. From left. Rick, Lenora, Amy, Hope, Elanie, Sarah (seated), Maria (behind Elaine), Bob R., George. (Photo by Hilde Hovarth)

Barbara displays her frog princess (Photo by Hilde Hovarth)

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