Gathering at Bobbie & Bob Rivere's House, Aug. 15, 2004

Bobbie and Bob hosted their  8th (?) annual gathering,  formerly at their home on Lawn Gisland, now at their home in Jackson, New Joisey.

Bob makes a record of the party.

Bobbie caught in a rare moment when she was still.

Russ and Harriet Kay drove down from Massachusetts.

Marty Goffman shows off his newly slim figure.

Maria Brent, George Brent and Renee Goffman.

Lenora Kandiner and Harriet Kay. Harriet, of course, is knitting.

Art Miller arrived by bicycle from his home some 50 miles away; Lynn chose to drive.

Art and Lynn Miller. She let him ride home with her.

Anita Donavan and Hilde Horvath.

Maria, George and Anita.

Also present, but not pictured, were Tim Cresson, John Reid and Jane Reid.

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