Bordentown, NJ, April 14, 2001

A group of us met at Mastori's Diner for food, fun and chatting. The gathering was enlivened by several spouses and two daughters. Mastori's began life as a diner. Long a local insitiution, it has grown to three dining rooms, smaller rooms, a bakery and a catering service. We had the entire Terrace Room. We were seated in small groups at separate tables, but spent a lot of time out of our "assigned" places.

1. The Webers' daughter Erica, Lynn Miller, George and Maria Rose Brent and daughter Elisabeth get together in the middle of the room.

2. Renee Goffman and Hilde Hovarth compare notes.

3. Retired teacher Barb Watson still knows how to hold an audience: Art Miller, John Reid and Dick Catagnus.

4. Art and Lynn Miller. Lynn's sunny smile is hard to beat, but ....

5. Anita Donovan is a strong contender.

6. Maria's daughter Elisabeth and Beth Stearns get acquainted. In background: Dick and Julie Catagnus, John Reid.

7. Lenora Kandiner and Tim.

8. Barb Watson and the Webers' daughter Erica.

9. Kathleen and John Weber.

10. Dick and Julie Catagnus, Jane Reid.

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