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Bobbie Rivere's 2008 Annual Gathering

Bobbie and Bob Rivere hosted a gathering of BClist members in their home, as they have done for many years, Sept. 20.

P1000673 (65K)
Jane and John Reid with Bobbie. Her home adjoins a beautiful golf course.

P1000683 (68K)
Marty and Renee Goffman, Jane, and Lynn Miller relax. It was great weather to sit outdoors.

P1000650 (73K)
Marty and Lynn

P1000646 (55K)
John, Renee, Maria Brent and Art Miller sample Bobbie's appetizers.

P1000656 (51K)
Lenora Kandiner and Tim Cresson

P1000675 (72K)
The Goffmans arrive. L-R: Marty, Lynn, Renee, Jane, Bobbie.

P1000686 (62K)
Marty and Renee (she changed her Dragon Boat shirt.)

P1000692 (43K)
Lynn Miller and Bob Rivere

P1000654 (50K)
Dinner is served.

P1000658 (46K)
After dinner

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