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Bobbie Rivere's 2005 Annual Gathering

We gathered at Bob and Bobbie Rivere's in Jackson, N.J., July 31. It was Bobbie's annual gathering, and it is always a good time. Somehow I got no pictures of Lynn and Art Miller: my apologies. Last year, I somehow missed getting a picture of Tim Cresson (Lenora's SO); this year Tim shows up often. (Pictures by JR: Jane Reid and MG: Marty Goffman.)

Bob and Bobbie 2 (24K)
Bob and Bobbie, with the golf-course view from their patio - JR

Anita (24K)
Anita Donovan - JR

Lenora and Tim (19K)
Lenora Kandiner and Tim Cresson - JR

George, Anita, Maria (26K)
George Brent, Anita, and Maria Brent - JR

Tim and Bobbie (24K)
Tim with Bobbie. Is she chewing? Most of us were, most of the time. - JR

Heather (21K)
Anita's daughter Heather - JR

John and Tim (29K)
John Reid and Tim - JR

Marty and Renee (18K)
Marty and Renee Goffman - JR

Heather and Tim (25K)
Heather and Tim - JR

Jane & John (38K)
Jane and John Reid - MG

Tim & Anita (24K)
Tim & Anita - MG

Heather3 (32K)
Heather with the Riveres' neighborhood in the background - MG

Bob & Bobbie3 (22K)
Bob & Bobbie again - MG

bridge (13K)
The sun set into storm clouds over Delaware Memorial Bridge as we drove home at dusk

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